Zonnehoeve Production

Who are we?

Zonnehoeve|Production is a custom manufacturing business that offers adapted work in an adapted sheltered environment to people cut off from labour market. It is not just employment, but it is adding value in a productive and efficient way. This takes place in a pleasant working environment, where the way of working is geared to our colleagues’ capabilities.

Meanwhile, Zonnehoeve|Production offers a highly flexible service to its customers and all assignments are made to order. Zonnehoeve|Production offers an extremely broad range of services; new assignments/products are of course very welcome.

Over half of our employees work in the wooden products department. Our motivated employees have the experience and skills to handle different assignments and have made Zonnehoeve|Production into one of the larger bedding producers in the European market. Zonnehoeve|Production has its own sawmill, which is equipped with modern machinery, and, in addition to bedding-related products, produces a whole range of wooden products.

The packaging department has a range of services on offer. Some examples: finishing mailings, gift wrapping, putting together assortments, different forms of packaging, inserting and sleeving. We also handle simple or complex assembly assignments, including quality control of course.

We also offer customers on-site services, in which groups of our employees help our customers out in their production facilities.


We offer paid labour in an adapted working environment in order to integrate disabled people into the economic circuit.

Zonnehoeve|Production commits itself to offer the support required and to invest in adapted machinery in order to carry out this work.


To ensure the future of our company, we try to establish good working relationships with our customers. That is why offering flexibility, quantity, quality and innovation is most important to us.

We believe that people with a disability are capable of offering the service demanded by customers. We aim to adapt our operations to their capabilities and we invest in further developing our employees’ skills.

We keep on investing in our infrastructure in order to complete the assignments efficiently and safely.

Throughout its operations, Zonnehoeve|Production also intends to contribute to a sustainable way of working, doing so consistent with the 3Ps (People, Planet, Profit) at all times.


Honesty, Responsibility, Involvement and Trust are some of the values we hold in high regard in our workplace.


We look at the capabilities of each individual and try to find the ideal place in the production teams for each one. By working in a team and taking time to learn and develop, we can offer the right service efficiently, while keeping the talents of each individual in mind.

We link our social goals to our customers’ economic goals and expectations. We do this while ensuring a responsible and safe way of working at all times. Our modern infrastructure, flexible and motivated workforce and advanced skills enable us to create substantial added value for our customers.


  • 1969 Recognition of Sheltered Workshops by the National Fund under the name “Sheltered Workshop 104 - H. Deleu”. It was started with six people with a disability who work in the barn on the farm.
  • 1971 A new workroom (WP1) was built and commissioned by the workshop.
  • 1973 Two new extended workrooms (WP2 and WP3) for the Sheltered Workshop were inaugurated together with the administrative block built with its own funds.
  • 1979 A 500 m² shed (WP4) was commissioned.
  • 1990 The new 1250 m² sawmill (WP5) opened.
  • 1996 Existing 2500 m² shed built and alterations to offices and existing shed (WP6) + enlarging the uncovered storage capacity.
  • 2000 Existing sawmill (WP5) enlarged to 2600 m² and shed enlarged by 540 m².
  • 2003 A 3200 m² industrial building (WP7) built for minor assembly, stitching, packaging and print finishing.
  • 2006 An entirely new 3000 m² covered stacking area commissioned and the old shed refurbished into WP8.