Various operations

Our woodworking department (PEFC certified) is equipped with a comprehensive inventory of machines with up-to-date technology, which enables us to offer a diverse range of applications. Cutting to size, shortening, rounding, planing, routing, drilling, etc.: everything is made entirely to the customer’s wishes.

Other operations such as tapping, stapling, nailing and inserting drive-in nuts are also available from us.

From A to Z

We guide the customer from developing the idea, throughout the entire production process up to the part-manufactured or fully finished product.

In our in-house joinery shop we produce items including door frames, wooden display units, air-conditioning housings, etc.

Inventory of machines

  • Planing machine
  • CNC machines
  • CNC nesting
  • CNC drill
  • Spindle moulder
  • Panel saw
  • Beam saw
  • APS
  • Drilling machine
  • Drilling & tapping machine
  • Drilling robot
  • Corner block machine
  • Drive-in nut machine
  • Axial drilling machine

Sleeping comfort

Sleeping comfort

In our sleeping comfort department, all beds are made entirely to the customer’s wishes and design (private label). Both partly manufactured and fully finished beds are available entirely in the desired configuration: bare, upholstered, covered, fixed, manually adjustable, electric, etc. We will be happy to develop your ideas into a prototype before proceeding with production.

A selection from our range:

  • Slatted bed bases
  • Plank beds
  • Divans
  • Slat and flexible element beds
  • Headboards
  • ...

Packaging & assembly

Your partner in packaging

What work can we relieve you of?

  • Packaging/repackaging products (secondary packaging) in bulk, bags, in shrink film, ...
  • Counting out and weighing products
  • Labelling or applying barcodes
  • Assembling packs
  • Filling display units
  • Mailings: label printing, envelope insertion, packaging in film, preparing for sending and sending
  • Inkjet printing batch number and expiry date
  • ...

You can supply the packaging materials yourself or make use of our own packaging machinery. Our capabilities are as follows: wrapping in standard or shrink film, sealing, banding,...

What’s more, we also provide complex assemblies, including the requisite quality inspections. Our staff have great motor skills and have a great deal of experience in skilfully selecting, fitting and assembling into a perfectly finished unit. We have an extensive range of technical materials at our disposal for this.

We have an organic packaging certificate, which means we can help you with labelling and repackaging organic products (secondary packaging).


Sleeve capabilities

We have 2 sleeve machines available for sleeving all kinds of products manually. The product is provided with a cut sleeve, which is then applied around the product (360 degrees) via the shrink tunnel using heat and pressure.

Capabilities include:

  • Short and long runs
  • Small and large products in different shapes: maximum height is 40 cm, maximum width 21 cm
  • Any materials which are moisture and heat resistant can go through the tunnel (e.g. glass, plastic)
  • Different types of sleeve

Sleeve options:

  • Full body sleeve
  • Partial sleeve
  • Capsleeve
  • Multipack sleeve
  • Tamper evident sleeve


Various textiles operations

In addition to stitching and cutting work for bed production, we can also carry out a range of other textile processes. Our employees have the necessary expertise to complete your order with an eye for detail.


• Stitching machines
• 5-thread overlockers
• Blind hemmer
• Embroidery machine
• Filling machine cherry pits


• Manual fabric cutting
• Tailoring (clothing)
• Napkins, tablecloths, aprons
• Embroidering logos
• Stitching, filling and packaging cherry pit pillows
• …


Our workforce on your site

Do you need extra labour at your site? Are certain tasks incapable of being outsourced or are you looking for backup to cope with the repetitive tasks so your own employees can focus on their core tasks? If so, then enclave work or outwork is the answer.

We will be happy to send a motivated team on site. The team is put together carefully in accordance with the required competencies. We provide transport and all contracts are carried out under the supervision of one or more coaches.

What are the benefits of outwork?

• Available for both temporary and permanent assignments
• Coping with peak periods without recruiting extra staff
• Time and cost saving
• Production and inspection remain in house
• Timely adjustments can be made where necessary