Sawing Mill

Modern Machinery

Our sawing mill is equipped with modern technology, which enables us to produce efficiently. This way we can offer a high flexibility to our customers.


For plank shortening we have 3 APS machines available. Maximum length of the incoming wood is 6 meters, with a maximal height of 120mm and maximal width  of 160mm.

Sawing plates

We have the machinery in-house to saw all kinds of material, including large plate material.

Panel Saw

3 Panel saws are available in our sawing mill.

Drilling, milling, rivetting and other operations


2 CNC machines (double working units) for drilling and milling are used intensely. We recently invested in an extra drilling- only CNC machine to offer even more flexibility to our customers.


A range of machinery is available for manual drilling and for automatic drilling.


We have 5 rivetting machines available.

Other handling

Also other operations are possible (nailing, stapling, tapping,...). Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discover all options.



We produce a full range of slatted beds, totally adjusted to the wishes and design of our customers (private label). Fixed, manually adjustable and full option electrical designs .... it's all possible!

Boxspring, bedding crates and beds

We build beds according to the design of our customers. Semi-finished products as well as totally completed beds are possible. Some examples:

+ Beds with slats (Electrical)

+ Boxsprings (Electrical or fixed)

+ Beds with disks (Electrical or fixed)

+ Bed crates (with or without fabric)

+ ....

Please make an appointment via our customer service to discuss your project.


Headboards are made in several sizes ans shapes: Flat or bended, semi-finished or competed,.... Our teams are happy to make prototypes based on your ideas before taking these products in production.

Other wooden products

Wooden displays and samples

Wooden samples and displays are made in series. We can handle the sawing as well as the mounting.

Wooden DIY sets

Several types of wooden building sets are made every day. These are packaged in our own facilities, using 1 of our 3 industrial packaging tunnels. We would also like to assist you in designing your project.

Other wooden products

Are you looking for a partner to produce your wooden products? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

Wrapping and assembling


Make your products unique by giving them a unique look. We can sleeve bottles (glas or pet) or cans, small bottles to big jars, in our sleeving tunnel. We offer automated sleeving as well as sleeving by hand.

Mailing and labelling

We label your product with the correct barcode or promostickers, print lot numbers or data on your product and we handle your mailings for you. Also smaller assignments are possible.


We offer several ways to package your products: gift wrapping, packaging in boxes, packaging under foil,.... We have a full range of machinery available, or if desired, your tooling can be used in our production.


We assemble your products as instructed. Also complex assembly is possible.



We have skilled employees available to handle all kinds of confection. Minimum order quantities apply.

Cutting to size

We can cut all types of material to size and this manually or automated.

Cherrypit cushions

Zonnehoeve production cuts, sews, fills and wraps ten thousands of cherrypit cushions per year.

Working on your site

Our employees on your site

Our crew strenghten daily the production departments of multiples companies in the surroundings.